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  • How do I save on shipping?
    If you can wait a little longer, please choose the standard shipping method, it will be much cheaper than using express shipping.

    International shipping is expensive, so we suggest our customers buy all things you need in just one order to minimize shipping fees. Compared with express shipping, the standard shipping method is much cheaper if you can wait a little longer.

  • What could cause an invalid tracking code?
    The tracking information normally appears after 2-3 business days. If notracking information updated for a long time, please contact us as soonas possible, and we will contact the shipping company for you. You may also contact the shipping company by yourself.
  • How can I tell if my items have been shipped or not?
    You should correctly sign in first with the same email address and password as when you make the order. Then click the "My Account" button,and you can view whether your items have been shipped or not.