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持っている女性のためいくつかのおしゃれで温かみのあるブレザーを購入を検討されて?Ericdress でのショッピングは、すべて女の子のための良い選択です。このウェブサイトに異なるスタイルと白のブレザー、青ブレザーと韓国のブレザーのような色のブレザーのコレクションがあります。ここですべての女子のブレザーは、トレンドやファッションの上に。ファッションの最新トレンドに従う代わりより良いオンライン見てこれらの安いブレザー 2015年を持っていた。

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Large for a medium but I love it. It's a soft material and not too heavy (which is great for looking sharp in hot weather). If they offered these in more colors I would order more. Great find and I can't wait to wear it.

によって Mar** Jun.20,2017
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I love how this blazer fit me! This black blazer with six decorative buttons, can be worn with the buttons unopened. I wore it with some blue jeans and some heels and it became a dress casual outfit that sparked lots of attention. I felt very confident and beautiful in it, so much that I just bought the red one. I figured if something fits that good, I might as well order more but in a different color.

によって She** Jul.10,2017
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i love the blazer coat,,its very nice and comfortable,,the fabric is good,i can tell that its made of high quality material,,its really worth the money,i like the style so much its great to wear in a business meeting or casual or formal attire too,,i got the small size and im 120lbs,,and it fits nice to me,,it really looks nice and very easy to wear,,this is well made coat and looks adorable,im sure you gonna like it too,,i would personally recommend this to all ladies!

によって Flo** Mar.03,2017
Ericdress Slim Zipper Asymmetric Blazer
Ericdress Slim Zipper Asymmetric Blazer
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I got this blazer in the red color and the fit and color are amazing! I get compliments every time I wear it. The design is different than traditional blazers so it stands out among the rest. I did remove (cut them out) the shoulder pads because I don't love that look - but it looks good with them too. My blazer arrived well packaged but a little wrinkly. I did take it to the dry cleaners and now it looks even better. Great find!

によって Cec** Apr.17,2017
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Overall, I love this blazer. it's fashionable, professional, and flattering. The fabric is also on the thinner side, so you won't be melting in warmer weather, but isn't so thin that it can't help keep you warm in freezing office buildings.

によって Moi** Mar.11,2017